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FaSoLa Disposable Clear Plastic Cover, 10 Pieces

FaSoLa Disposable Clear Plastic Cover, 10 Pieces

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Practical and efficient solution for protecting your kitchen appliances.

  • Small
    Material: PE
    Size: 100 x 100cm
  • Large
    Material: PE
    Size: 120 x 100cm

Specifically designed for rice cookers and microwaves, this cover is crafted with durable, thickened, and disposable clear plastic.

Keep your appliances free from dust, splatters, and spills, ensuring they remain in top-notch condition.

Thickened Material: The cover provides enhanced durability, ensuring a reliable shield against dust, moisture, and potential splatters.

Disposable Convenience: Designed for one-time use, the cover simplifies cleanup and maintenance. Simply dispose of it after use, keeping your appliances consistently clean.

Clear Plastic: The transparent plastic allows you to easily identify the covered appliance and its controls without the need to remove the cover, promoting convenience in the kitchen.

Waterproof: The cover is waterproof, safeguarding your appliances from accidental spills and ensuring their longevity.


Easy Application: The cover is designed for quick and easy application, providing hassle-free protection for your appliances when not in use.

Versatile Use: Ideal for use with rice cookers, microwaves, and other small kitchen appliances, this cover offers a versatile solution for protecting various items.

Ensuring that your appliances stay clean, functional, and ready for use.

Experience the convenience of disposable protection with this versatile and reliable cover.

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